soriaassociates was founded in 1975 and has operated without interruption to this day.  The principal and founder of soriaassociates, Jose’ Francisco Soria, is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, with over forty years of work experience in the profession.  A Virginia based architectural firm, soriaassociates is located in the city of Norfolk and has served a wide variety of clients in both the governmental and private sectors.


soriaassociates does not specialize in designing one particular building type.  It does specialize in structures that combine the needs of our clients with grace, function, and affordability.  We find it amusing and somewhat confusing in this new age, to hear that as architects we can receive special recognition for doing our jobs and that our clients can receive points and awards for getting what they paid for...a thoughtfully conceived, properly constructed, and easily maintained facility to house their activities.





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